Our Goals & Objectives

I. Eradicate Extreme Poverty

II. Support Self-sustaining Communities Via Economic Empowerment 

III. Combat Global Pandemics and Fight Against Curable Diseases

IV. Completely Irradiate Illiteracy and Advocate for Education Equality

V. Fight Against Climate Change

VI. Utilize Sports, Music, Film, Arts & the Culture to Promote cultural sensitivity and harmony between peoples from diverse backgrounds. 

These goals are are BOLD and audacious yet necessary. They’re transformative rather than transactional. We seek these goals not because they are easy but because they are challenging. 

Furthermore, in order for transformation change to take place governments, business leaders, and ordinary citizens must come together and work cohesively as one. 

We desire is to make the maximum positive effort for the maximum amount of people. We work as a unified front. We utilize data driven models with compassion. We are calling for a unified front as we confront some our the most perilous issues of our time.

We want to work with:

  • Governmental Leaders-We seek to affect change by working with national, regional, and local governments.
  • Business Leaders- We seek to affect change by working with business leaders to come up with cost effective and viable solutions. 
  • Community Leaders- We seek to affect change by working with community leaders and key influencers to bring people together and make a difference. 
  • Private Citizens-We seek to affect change by working with private citizens and concerned stakeholders who want to make a positive change.